The Perl Dancer Conference is a two day event on 21st and 22nd September at the Hotel Schani Wien. We are also going to have a Dancer training on 20th September at the same location, alongside with a Hackathon.

The social event is on the 21st September.


Sep 9, 2016

Stefan Hornburg

Our conferences T-shirts just went into production, this picture gives you an idea how they will look like. They are going inside a nice swag bag provided by

A huge thanks to our sponsors for the financial support which allows us to make nice goodies like that:

  • (Gold)
  • iVouch (Gold)
  • Evozon (Silver)
  • Ctrl-O (Bronze)
  • Informa (Bronze)
  • M & D (Bronze)
  • Geekuni (Bronze)

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Sawyer X, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Peter Rabbitson

Aachen, Germany

Mickey Nasriachi, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Stefan Hornburg

Linuxia, Hannover, Germany

Peter Mottram

Sysnix, Qormi, Malta

Andrew Beverly

Ctrl O, London, United Kingdom

Sam Batschelet

End Point Corporation, New York, United States

Andrew Baerg

SOLE, Calgary, Canada

Thomas Klausner

Validad / plix, Wien, Austria

Jure Kodzoman

Informa Studio Ltd., Split, Croatia

Job van Achterberg

3ode, Sliedrecht, Netherlands

James Morrison

Dunstable, United Kingdom

Jason Lewis

Organic Trader Pty Ltd, Alexandria, Australia

What people say about our conference

Rare opportunity to meet web developers who really work in the trenches. I am surely coming again!

Bill Carr CEO, Bottlenose

I am coming for the fourth year. It feels almost at home. I am looking forward to Vienna this year!

Jure Kodžoman Informa Studio

First time I went because it was close by. Now I am ready to travel across the world just to go again.

Sam Batschelet WBA, NY, USA


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