News Flash - Sponsors, Gurus, and Beer!


Sep 24, 2015

Sam Batschelet

With less than a month until the 2015 Perl Dancer Conference in Vienna, we have a lot of exciting news.

First off we would like to send a special thank you to our growing list of sponsors, without their help this event would not be possible. As a result of their generous donations each attendee to the conference will receive a very cool Perl Dancer t-shirt!

Gold Sponsor

Silver Sponsor

Bronze Sponsors

Please support these great companies and visit for the complete list of event sponsors. It is also not too late to become a sponsor Contact us at and we will have a team member work out a custom sponsorship for any budget.

We are very proud to announce the 2015 Perl Dancer Conference has five Dancer core developers and the primary maintainer for DBIx::Class attending.

The confirmed guest list includes

This is a unique chance to meet the hard working gurus that make Dancer and DBIx::Class great. You know their handles on IRC, now get a chance to put a face with the name. Maybe even buy them those beers you have been promising on IRC all these years.

Finally after multiple international conference calls, a few IRC battles and a coin toss we decided to let Peter Mottram (SysPete) do the event scheduling. Thanks Peter! Our final schedule is now live on We have a really great list of talks and training sessions lined up this year. Our international list of guest speakers and instructors spans three continents!

Tickets are still on sale, don’t miss out! If you are already attending or on the fence please checkout or make comments on our super fun event Wiki. We hope to see you all in Vienna this October!


Sam Batschelet

*disclaimer (these names are in NO special order)

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