Jason Lewis

Organic Trader Pty Ltd, Alexandria, Australia

Jason Lewis


Jason Lewis is a keen free software advocate. Interests include Perl, Dancer, LaTeX and Emacs among other things. Jason is a maker and active board member of Robots and Dinosaurs makerspace in Sydney.

Co-founder of Organic Trader Pty Ltd, a company that distributes amazing organic products including the delicious Pukka Teas. Systems running on Linux include a web based ordering system (written in Perl Dancer2), various D2 based reporting systems for staff and file and mail servers. I try to use Free (as in freedom) software in my business wherever possible.

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Talks by Jason Lewis

Sep 21, 2016 14:40 - 15:00
If you are lazy like me, you'll want to avoid writing as much code a possible. In this presentation I'll give you a quick guide to using DataTables with Dancer2 and DBIx::Class to quickly generate...