AngularJS & Dancer for Modern Web Development

Oct 22, 2015
15:50 - 16:10
Hotel Schani

AngularJS & Dancer for Modern Web Development

In developing applications, we sometimes have to work with legacy systems; sometimes quite often. This is a fact of the business world. Yet, how can we work efficiently with these systems, and prepare ourselves for a migration to Dancer?

We'll consider how to shift the front-end from dependence on a legacy system, and make it suitable for interacting with a Dancer back-end, which provides RESTful JSON web services. (Insert your favorite JavaScript framework here; I used AngularJS.)

For a legacy back-end, we'll see what I tried to do to "get ready" for Dancer before migrating, and the downsides I ran into. Also, why I feel Dancer is a better back-end than the legacy system (except when it isn't).

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