Submit a talk proposal

Call for Papers

We are now accepting proposals for talks in English or German. The preferred language is English due to our international guests.

Each presentation will last either 20 or 40 minutes after which there will be time for questions.

The submission deadline is August 30th, midnight CET. Talks are reviewed and possibly accepted as we receive them.

Suggested Topics

Talks may be on any topic related to Perl, Dancer or DBIx::Class in some way or of general interest for IT people.

Possible topic areas include:

  • Modern Perl, Best Practices, Moo/Moose
  • Dancer (Applications, Plugins, Engines, Deployment)
  • DBIx::Class (Schema, Components, Deployment)
  • Perl "Products" (WebGUI CMS, ...)
  • eCommerce (technical and business experiences).
  • Application security

Of course, we're happy to receive proposals for talks on other Perl / Dancer related topics as well.